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Why are you giving some items away ?

You guys might think giving away free items sounds like a craaaaaazy idea and might question “why are you giving away your stuff?” “How does this work?” or even “is this real?”

So, let we explain to you guys more about our Freebies Campaign.

The simple answer is that we love to keep our customers happy and we want them to come back every week to see our weekly freebies items and continue shopping on our website. Offering a killer deal is a surefire way to do that, and everyone benefits! We just ask you to pay the shipping cost and we will cover the product cost for you!

Most online shopping websites use traditional advertising methods such as direct sales and standard promotions. We prefer to use that budget in covering our own costs and give away some of our cute items for free! Obviously we cannot maintain this forever, we just want people to know us and this is the best way we found.

We just ask you one thing. As we know you will really love our items, please use them and spread vobbies.com among your friends. Who knows, if they are fast they could get one for free too!

Simple as that, Free means Free! ;)

Have a Cute day! xoxo ❤(^v^)

It this some type of recurring or monthly service?
Sure not! You just pay what you see (Shipping Only).

We don't even have access to your payment details. All payments are processed by a third party payment processor which used laters generation encryption protocols.

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